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Is Bone Broth the ONE THING That Can Fix Your Skin? Interview with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

Is Bone Broth the ONE THING That Can Fix Your Skin? Interview with Dr. Kellyann Petrucci

December 3, 2016

When I first learned about bone broth (read more at, I learned about how it's so special--and it's different from other soup--because slowly simmering the bones, herbs, and veggies for so long delivers healthy fats, bioavailable forms of protein (gelatin), minerals and other nutrients that you can only get from inside the bones and cartilage of the beef, poultry, pork, or fish that you're using--not the meat or skin. These nutrients are particularly beneficial to the immune system and gut health (especially since the majority of the immune system lives in the gut), but also helps to build healthy, resilient skin from the inside out which is why we now see it associated with anti-aging skin health claims. What do you think, is the hype real, or is bone broth just another panacea that will fade away once the next big thing hits?

Dr. Kellyann Petrucci says bone broth is her one thing--and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.

I have a real treat for you today, because I'm sharing my interview with the New York Times bestselling author of a book I love (with amazing recipes), Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Diet, Dr. Kellyann Petrucci. I really loved that book, it's about how to use my favorite thing--soup--to have gorgeous skin AND improve your overall health. The recipes in that book are quite delicious too! So when I found out that Dr. Kellyann wrote a cookbook with even more recipes--her new one, Dr. Kellyann's Bone Broth Cookbook (which also comes with amazing bonuses!)--I knew I needed to have her on my show. Get Dr. Kellyann's cookbook and bonuses here:

What piqued my interest the most about Dr. Kellyann, is that she's a doctor who focuses on a real, whole food solution for just about everyone, before she even considers other treatments or solutions. She's a naturopathic doctor, which means she's more likely to use food as medicine than an allopathic doctor--but even so, I've never talked to a naturopathic doctor who has such a laser focus on one thing, and feels so strongly about how well it works so many things and so many people.

Watch my interview with Dr. Kellyann to learn WHY bone broth is her one thing...

...and what about it is so amazing for the skin, as well as get the scoop about her new book. Dr. Kellyann also debunks the myth that it takes a long time to see results from holistic healing methods--be sure to listen for that!

Read the full post and leave a comment here:

Self-Care for Mama CEOs with Megan Flatt

Self-Care for Mama CEOs with Megan Flatt

November 24, 2016

We’re familiar with the trope of ‘the working mom,’ the one works 9-5 at the office, comes home, throws a meal together, helps the kids with homework and after school activities, goes to sleep and then does it all again the next day. We're just as familiar with ‘the stay-at-home mom,’ who takes care of the food, the cleaning, the tune ups, homework, chauffeuring, and everything in between. These are very brief summaries of what both types of moms do--I know it's not possible to sum up a mom's duties in one sentence or paragraph :) Both are incredibly full lives and come with equal yet different levels of challenges and amounts of fulfillment.

But one woman is left out of this scene: the work-at-home mom. The Mama CEO. Read more here:

Megan Flatt, business strategist and consultant for Mama CEOs offers advice on how to make self-care a reality when you're a busy mom AND entrepreneur.

The Mama CEO Planner System

Megan was struggling to find a planner that worked for her, with her life of wearing all these different hats. She had mom tasks and business tasks and all the necessary things in between, but no planner really accommodated these different facets. So she created one for herself--she literally typed it up in Word and bound it at Staples.

She was working with her clients at how to be more successful at their businesses while being more present with their kids, and one day at a meeting with a client, she pulled out her planner and got the reaction of, ‘WHAT is that?”

Megan realized this was something that her clients could use, that they really needed. Thus, the Mama CEO Planner was born.

Her planner isn’t just a place to write down what you need to do, but it’s this whole system of why are you doing it, how is it going to get done, what’s the actual strategy behind what you’re planning?

My favorite part--and I think the key part--is that it doesn’t compartmentalize your motherhood from your CEO tasks. Because you’re always both. This planner helps make self-care for Mama CEOs a reality.

It’s not about being a robot, but it’s about being realistic and structuring your schedule. Freedom comes from structure--think about yourself like bamboo, whose ability to grow tall and resist strong winds comes from it’s flexibility.

Megan's planner and planning system has radically changed how I tackle being a mom and CEO, and I wanted to share it with you today in case it might do the same for you!

Get Megan's Mama CEO Planner System HERE:

About Megan Flatt:

Megan FlattMegan is a business growth strategist, but what she really does is empower Mama CEOs to create fulfilling lives and set a stellar example for their children. As a mom and a business owner, she herself wants to feel successful in BOTH roles: to be actively actively present for her kids, and build a business she's passionate about. Her mission is to help Mama CEOs achieve the same. Learn more about Megan at

Trying to Decide When to Set Your Alarm? Ask the Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, PhD

Trying to Decide When to Set Your Alarm? Ask the Sleep Doctor, Michael Breus, PhD

October 15, 2016

Have you ever noticed how you feel more productive at a certain time of day? Are you one of those people who wakes up raring to go? (I am insanely jealous of those people.) Or do you feel more engaged and focused later in the day, maybe even working on projects late into the night?

Guess what? That’s genetic.

I talked to sleep specialist, Dr. Michael Breus who has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and whose work centers around the genetic differences that account for our tendencies to feel most energized at certain times of the day.

He argues that by understanding when you’re most energized and harnessing that power, you can become a more effective and engaging person (and even lose weight).

Dr. Breus simplifies it into four categories that most people fit into. He describes each of them in our interview (Michael and I are both Wolf types). You may know which one you are based on his descriptions in the interview but if not, I’m linking to his quiz below!

Knowing your type and understanding how your hormones fluctuate throughout the day can help you immensely in ways that you might not expect. In our interview, Michael even touches on the best time of day to be intimate with a partner.

Read more and watch the video HERE.

Your chronotype describes your tendency to sleep to sleep at a particular time within a 24-hour period. It’s based off our natural circadian rhythm, which it turns out is related to our genes (one gene in particular).

Knowing how your body prefers to sleep can change your life, from helping you decide when to eat dinner to when is the best time of day to ask your boss for a raise. Living according to your natural circadian rhythm can, quite simply, help you be your best self.

Michael makes it fun by describing the four circadian ‘types’ with mammal mascots: a wolf, bear, lion, or dolphin. You can find out which you are and what that means for your life and your habits by taking The Power of When Quiz. It’s short but thorough, and you might be surprised to find out which category you fit into.

Click here to take Dr. Breus’ sleep quiz

About Dr. Michael Breus

51qe7on8xul-_sx322_bo1204203200_He calls himself the sleep doctor, and let me tell you that he has earned this title! He has had his practice for 16 years and uses a technique called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia to help both children and adults deal with sleep problems without the use of medication. Learn more about Dr. Michael Breus at

His most recent book The Power of When teaches you the best time to do everything–from drink your coffee to have sex or go for a run–according to your body’s chronotype.

Must-Know Info About Essential Oils: Interview with Andrea Ellsworth Part 2

Must-Know Info About Essential Oils: Interview with Andrea Ellsworth Part 2

August 2, 2016
Aromatherapy. It's such a lovely sounding word, isn't it? Read this full post and leave a comment at:
Though I was first introduced to aromatherapy many years ago when I studied Horst Rechelbacher's work, I didn't start working with essential oils until years later when I started making my own skincare products. This was also about the same time that many of my health coach colleagues began to get involved with multi-level marketing (MLM) essential oil companies. I had a friend introduce me to a rep, and I'm not gonna lie--I drank the kool-aid and bought in hook, line, and sinker.
I started using essential oils for just about EVERYTHING, because I was told they were so pure and safe.
I ingested them in water and capsules because I was told it was safe, I used them "neat" (undiluted) because I was told it was safe, and I didn't seek outside information, because I was told that everything I needed to know was already available via the company's website and partner websites.
Things were fine for awhile. I loved using my essential oils, and I loved using them especially in my skincare products. My skin loved them too. But then a few things went wrong. I, and some of my friends who I "shared" the oils with got serious reactions. So I pulled back. 
I started going through research from brand-neutral resources and realized that I was WAY in over my head. I was also frustrated that the company I was with provided inadequate--and inaccurate--training and usage instructions. So I ended my relationship with that company and became much more cautious and conservative with what I said--and wrote--about essential oils.
Essential oils are powerful substances.
Though essential oils come from plants, they do not have the same effect that an infusion or extract of the plant has on the body. They are far more concentrated and contain volatile compounds. The study of aromatherapy isn't some weekend workshop either--it includes extensive information about the chemistry of the oils, and how they act with different people's body chemistries, which is important to understand. Though they are natural, essential oils deserve the same level of caution that one would give to pharmaceutical drugs.
I also began to study more about herbalism and plant conservation through organizations like United Plant Savers at Though the influx of herbal remedies is a good thing, it's also a scary thing, because over-harvestation is a very real concern. Essential oils require extensive amounts of plant matter to create a tiny amount of oil. Using them undiluted and liberally is not only potentially unsafe (and completely unnecessary), it also puts certain plant species at risk for extinction.
In this video, aromatherapist and organic skincare formulator, Andrea Ellsworth, of Andrea Ashley Co, to discuss this matter in detail. This is must-know information about essential oils, whether you're brand new to aromatherapy or have been using oils for some time.
About Andrea Ellsworth:
Andrea Ellsworth has an educational background in advanced skincare, organic skincare science, clinical aromatherapy, and has over 10 years experience in the holistic health and spa industry.  Andrea has brought together her many passions to create Andrea Ashley Co, a holistic aromatherapy and custom skincare company.
Check out all of Andrea’s resources, online shop, book a 1-on-1 aromatherapy consultation with Andrea, and subscribe to her online magazine, Andrea Ashley, at 
Learn to create all-natural boutique skincare products in just 6-weeks online at
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Why is Self-Love So Hard for Women?

Why is Self-Love So Hard for Women?

July 21, 2016
Why is self-love so hard? Read the full post at

Why is it easier to compliment and say kind things to a stranger, but not to ourselves? Why is it hard to take a compliment from a stranger without downgrading ourselves in some way in the process? Is this familiar to you?

"You have really beautiful skin."

"Thanks! It's this new makeup I just bought."

"That's a stunning picture of you." 

"Oh I can't take credit--the photographer did a beautiful job."

Self-love is hard. It's a concept nearly as hard to grasp as alternate universes or a female god. But if you're trying to heal your skin--or your physical body in some way, it's where you have to start. It wasn't until I was able to love and accept myself for who I was, no matter what I looked like, that I was guided to make right decisions for my skin and health that ultimately gave me the physical and emotional results I craved.

My guest today is Andrea Ellsworth, of Andrea Ashley Co. 

This is part 1 of our interview. Andrea is a lot like me in many ways. She's an aesthetician who was perplexed by the fact that though aestheticians are trusted to help women achieve the skin they want so they can feel how they want, they receive very little brand-neutral training on how to do that. Andrea shares my frustration with the skincare industry, that its main approach is so "either or." Meaning you either have acne OR sensitive skin. Dry skin OR mature skin. So your skin gets treated one way, even if you have other issues present, and without questioning what the potential source of those issues are.

Andrea and I also share the same philosophy that skincare should be customized to each individual person's needs, and that ultimately, using skincare products isn't about clearing up acne or getting some other desired result. It's about helping women feel the way they want (and deserve!) to feel about themselves. In our interview, we certainly talk about custom skincare, and why we feel it's so closely linked to ultimate self-care and self-love. Andrea is also an aromatherapist, and Part 2 will focus more on essential oils and aromatherapy as a holistic skincare philosophy--but Part 1 focuses on custom skincare, but also the bigger issues of women's empowerment and self-love--and how we can make these things easier and more accessible for women.

About Andrea Ellsworth:

Andrea Ellsworth has an educational background in advanced skincare, organic skincare science, clinical aromatherapy, and has over 10 years experience in the holistic health and spa industry.  Andrea has brought together her many passions to create Andrea Ashley Co, a holistic aromatherapy and custom skincare company.

Andrea prides herself on providing pure, quality essential oils and creating truly custom, one-of-a-kind products based specifically on each of her clients' individual needs. A big part of her focus is curating an online shop where consumers can rely on safe, honest information, better understand what is going on their skin, and how to properly use essential oils for overall well-being.

Andrea Ashley Co offers custom made skincare, and aromatherapy supplies, as well as raw ingredients for the D.I.Y'ers that are not only kind to the environment, kind to animals, and kind to our skin and bodies; but that also inspire women to be kind to themselves and to each other.

Check out all of Andrea's resources, online shop, and inspirational online magazine, Andrea Ashley, which focuses on holistic skincare, self-care and self-love at 

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Starting a New Health Journey After You’ve Reached Your Goals

Starting a New Health Journey After You’ve Reached Your Goals

July 14, 2016

Making the decision to embark on a health journey is hard. Especially in these times of processed this, and packaged that--when people focus more time and energy on living to work than working to live.

Then something happens. Maybe it's a personal health crisis like a sudden weight gain or disease, or maybe you've watched someone you know suffer through their own health crisis. You realize you don't want the quality of your life to be dictated by a condition, and you decide to take matters in your own hands. You do some reading, watch some TV doctor shows, try some diets, maybe even hire a coach or nutritionist--or even go back to school to learn more about nutrition like I did.

You achieve your goals. You arrive at the destination of your health journey.

You look and feel better than ever before in your life, and you wonder why you waited long to allow yourself to feel this good. Your diet is perfect, your fitness regime is on point (or maybe it's en pointe:) ), you're doing your journaling and visualizations, you are the epitome of zen. You laugh in the face of your former sugar cravings, shun alcohol, and relish in your early bedtimes. Who needs Netflix? You are a binge-watcher no more.

Then something else happens. Maybe something disrupts your new Rain Man-like routine like a trip or a houseguest. Maybe you fall off the wagon for a day. Or three. Maybe you get in an "if I see another green smoothie or veggie stir-fry, I'm gonna hurl"-type food rut. Maybe you just get bored. It happens. That's why as hard as it is to GET healthy, it's that much harder to STAY healthy.

Click HERE to read this entire post and leave a comment.

You have to start a new health journey.

This can be scary! And again, hard. And lots of "selfs" will get in the way: self-sabotage, self-doubt, self-loathing, self-confidence (lack thereof). The good news is that there are ways around all that. In fact, there are ways around the initial feelings of blech that make some people fall off the path of their first journey before they reach the end in the first place.

In today's podcast episode, integrated health coach and functional nutritionist, Trish Ward and I will help you move past those "self" issues, so you can figure out what your next step is in your own personal health journey.

T2About Trish Ward:

Trish M. Ward is an Integrated Holistic Health Coach & Functional Nutritionist whose mission it is to help women create time for their health journeys and have permission to be and feel amazing in their own bodies. She believes that total wellness integrates both Soul & Science. She has helped hundreds of others get their physiology on track and their lifestyles back in check. She finds great joy in guiding others to optimal health. 
Visit Trish online at and click HERE to take her free 14-day Smoothie Challenge.

Are you struggling with your own skin or health journey?

Don't go it alone. Get in touch with a practitioner like Trish, or myself to get the support you need to reach your goals, and continue questing once you've reached one destination.


How Methylation Can Save Your Skin and Health with Lauren Houser, CRNP

How Methylation Can Save Your Skin and Health with Lauren Houser, CRNP

June 29, 2016
Today, it's my pleasure to share with you a wonderful guest post and podcast episode with integrative nurse practitioner, Lauren Houser, CRNP, about a subject you may not have heard of yet--and that's methylation. 
Click HERE to read Lauren's complete post and watch the video of our interview.
Methylation is an area of health where research of the process implications of proper--or inadequate--methylation is still in its infancy, but is rapidly advancing. Here's a bit of a confession for you--methylation is something I'd never heard of until a client that Lauren's practice and I both work with shared with me that methylated supplements were recommended to her after some recent test results. After learning more about it, and after speaking to Lauren about it, I became fascinated--and I hope you do too! 
About Lauren Houser
Lauren Houser, CRNP is a fellowship trained integrative nurse practitioner who delivers cutting edge medicine in an engaging format in both one-on-one appointments and through educational community gatherings. She brings hope as well as a practical, holistic approach to her work with patients. Her specialties are digestive concerns, thyroid issues, women’s health and fertility. She sees patients at Philadelphia Integrative Medicine in Wayne, PA. Find out more and connect with Lauren at
Would you like some 1-on-1 help to optimize your body's methylation?
I can teach you more about what specific skincare, diet, and lifestyle upgrades to help encourage healthy methylation, and give you practical strategies for how to actually implement them. If you'd like my support, schedule a session today:
How to Use Meditation to Get Answers to Your Skin and Health Questions: Interview with Dr. Keesha Ewers, Part 2

How to Use Meditation to Get Answers to Your Skin and Health Questions: Interview with Dr. Keesha Ewers, Part 2

June 24, 2016

We live in a society where skin, chronic, and autoimmune disorders have become the norm, and "disease management" is considered "healthcare."
Fortunately, there are many, many holistic counterparts to pharmaceutical interventions that don't just mask the symptoms of diseases--they actually address the reason why that disease manifested in the first place. But often, the search for alternatives and answers only leaves us with more questions. Did you know you can actually use meditation to get answers to your skin and health questions?

In part 2 of my interview with Dr. Keesha Ewers, she gives a concrete example which shows that the answers are there--but you might be looking in the wrong places. Read the full post, watch the video, and leave a comment HERE:
We've gotten so used to searching for answers (and validation) from experts that we've lost the ability to rely on our own intuition. That intuition goes beyond just trusting your gut--it's your direct invitation for a dialog with the Universe, God, Goddess, Collective Consciousness--however you like to say it.

You can use meditation to get answers to even the toughest health questions.

Dr. Keesha Ewers and I had a long discussion (one of many!) about Ayurveda and skincare recently. When I asked her how she found Ayurveda, she told me about how her diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis--an autoimmune condition--triggered her search. What she learned is that she could use meditation to get answers, as well as the ancient practices of yoga and Ayurveda.

In part 2, Dr. Keesha talks in depth about what happens when you meditate, and shares a personal story of how a vision she got from her own meditation practice moved her along on her own journey back to wellness.

About Dr. Keesha Ewers:

Dr. Keesha Ewers, known as functional medicine’s #1 Sexpert is board certified in functional medicine, as well as being a doctor of sexology, psychotherapist, Ayurvedic practitioner, energy worker, yoga teacher, and founder and host of the Healthy YOU! Radio network.

After being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, a supposedly incurable autoimmune disease, she was able to cure her own autoimmunity and discover the key to low libido in women. Through her innovative research, Dr. Keesha developed the Freedom Framework, which is designed to get to the root problem of any disease or imbalance.
For more information about reading the feedback from your body, Ayurveda, functional medicine and reversing autoimmune disease–and to download your free e-book and take Dr. Keesha’s dosha quiz, please visit

Do you need help using meditation to find answers to your skin or health issues?

You can find more information on how to get started with meditation HERE, and you can download a 6-minute guided meditation and visualization HERE. If you need some 1-on-1 support, I can help you either with a customized Spiritual Skincare Affirmation or in a Spiritual Mind Treatment session.

How to Use the Law of Attraction for Clear Skin

How to Use the Law of Attraction for Clear Skin

June 9, 2016

Why is it easier to take a leap of faith when there’s a possibility of miraculously manifesting money, but much harder when talking about improving things like skin, health, or self-image? Read more at: 

Why is it easier to force your mind to think positively and abundantly when there’s money at stake, but not to eat healthier or practice activities of self-care? Is it because those subjects are too woo-woo too? Or is it something worse–that more people place value on money than they do on their own health and wellbeing? Sadly, the latter rings true.

I understand. One of the hardest things to do when you’re feeling bad about something–whether it’s a circumstance around you, or something going on with you personally–is to keep a positive mindset. Life can be really tough sometimes! And during those times, attempting to put on a happy face or repeat positive affirmations in your mind might seem at best inauthentic, and at worst, like a joke.

As a metaphysician, part of my work is to help people take harder to grasp (or believe) concepts like the Law of Attraction, and make it relevant to them in their daily lives, so they can see it at work and KNOW that it’s at work. That last part–knowing that it’s at work can be especially challenging. That’s something I, myself, had to learn the hard way (click HERE to read that lesson). In my practice as a health and image coach, as well as in my own personal story, I’ve seen how important a positive mindset is if you truly want positive change to occur. I was not able to improve my own skin and self-image, until I was able to control my thought processes, and convert them from negative to positive. It’s everything–because without it, the Law of Attraction will have the opposite effect. Instead of “like attracts like,” dislike will attract dislike.

In this podcast episode, I share a talk I recently gave at the 2nd Annual Diva Girl Philly Conference at the University of Pennsylvania. In this talk, I discuss a bit of how the Law of Attraction works in general, but also how it can be used to help you have the beautiful skin–and self-image–that you want and deserve.

Three of the techniques I discuss are:

Learn to “catch” negative thought processes, and convert them to something neutral and true. Next time you find yourself scrutinizing your skin in front of the mirror, picking at blackheads, frowning at fine lines or dark spots, STOP. Take a deep breath, and tell yourself something that’s neutral and true. “I have brown hair.” “My shirt is blue.” It’s not negative, or positive–it’s just an observation that’s true.

Fake it ’til you believe it. In the video, I talk about how humans learn best by repetition, whether it’s something that’s true or not. Western society teaches women repeatedly that they are too old, too fat, too dark, too emotional, too intense, too much, and so on, ALL THE TIME. We see it in mass media, social media, advertising–we even see it starting with our children. How many times are things people believe about themselves actually true–and how many times are they only true within a false (and broken) societal construct? The more we repeat a behavior, the more true it is. So even if we adopt a “fake” positive attitude, the more we think it, the sooner it will become truth.

Use visualization to retrain your brain. Did you know that the brain believes what you tell it to believe? It’s true–and it’s actually really cool, because by using tools like visualization and affirmation, we can influence how the brain reacts to certain stimuli. Visualization is a great tool–and it simply starts with using your imagination. In the video I teach you about my “Goddess You” visualization, which is a tool I use almost every day–and it really helps me.

Watch the video below to learn more about these three tips, and get even more practical information about how to use the Law of Attraction to get the image you want.

Read more and leave a comment at
Ayurvedic Face Mapping and Dosha Descriptions with Dr. Keesha Ewers

Ayurvedic Face Mapping and Dosha Descriptions with Dr. Keesha Ewers

June 9, 2016
Today I bring you a guest post about Ayurvedic Face Mapping, and interview from my friend and colleague, Dr. Keesha Ewers. Read the post and leave a comment HERE
In this, you'll get a much deeper overview of the ancient science of Ayurveda, as well as insightful descriptions of the different body constitutions, also known as doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha--and what they mean for you, especially if you're someone living with a skin condition or other health condition. Take it away, Dr. Keesha...
Learn more about Dr. Keesha Ewers, download her free e-book, and take her free dosha quiz at
Holistically Haute™ is the creation of Rachael Pontillo, whose mission is to help women achieve beauty, health, and vitality from the inside out and outside in. We offer fully customized individual, group, and virtual online spiritually-based coaching programs, events, products, online courses, and information to get you started and support you at every stage of your journey. 
Visit us at, and subscribe to our YouTube channel HERE

By the way...there will be a Part 2 of this interview! Be sure you're subscribed to my email community to get notified once it's live.

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