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Must-Know Info About Essential Oils: Interview with Andrea Ellsworth Part 2

August 2, 2016
Aromatherapy. It's such a lovely sounding word, isn't it? Read this full post and leave a comment at:
Though I was first introduced to aromatherapy many years ago when I studied Horst Rechelbacher's work, I didn't start working with essential oils until years later when I started making my own skincare products. This was also about the same time that many of my health coach colleagues began to get involved with multi-level marketing (MLM) essential oil companies. I had a friend introduce me to a rep, and I'm not gonna lie--I drank the kool-aid and bought in hook, line, and sinker.
I started using essential oils for just about EVERYTHING, because I was told they were so pure and safe.
I ingested them in water and capsules because I was told it was safe, I used them "neat" (undiluted) because I was told it was safe, and I didn't seek outside information, because I was told that everything I needed to know was already available via the company's website and partner websites.
Things were fine for awhile. I loved using my essential oils, and I loved using them especially in my skincare products. My skin loved them too. But then a few things went wrong. I, and some of my friends who I "shared" the oils with got serious reactions. So I pulled back. 
I started going through research from brand-neutral resources and realized that I was WAY in over my head. I was also frustrated that the company I was with provided inadequate--and inaccurate--training and usage instructions. So I ended my relationship with that company and became much more cautious and conservative with what I said--and wrote--about essential oils.
Essential oils are powerful substances.
Though essential oils come from plants, they do not have the same effect that an infusion or extract of the plant has on the body. They are far more concentrated and contain volatile compounds. The study of aromatherapy isn't some weekend workshop either--it includes extensive information about the chemistry of the oils, and how they act with different people's body chemistries, which is important to understand. Though they are natural, essential oils deserve the same level of caution that one would give to pharmaceutical drugs.
I also began to study more about herbalism and plant conservation through organizations like United Plant Savers at Though the influx of herbal remedies is a good thing, it's also a scary thing, because over-harvestation is a very real concern. Essential oils require extensive amounts of plant matter to create a tiny amount of oil. Using them undiluted and liberally is not only potentially unsafe (and completely unnecessary), it also puts certain plant species at risk for extinction.
In this video, aromatherapist and organic skincare formulator, Andrea Ellsworth, of Andrea Ashley Co, to discuss this matter in detail. This is must-know information about essential oils, whether you're brand new to aromatherapy or have been using oils for some time.
About Andrea Ellsworth:
Andrea Ellsworth has an educational background in advanced skincare, organic skincare science, clinical aromatherapy, and has over 10 years experience in the holistic health and spa industry.  Andrea has brought together her many passions to create Andrea Ashley Co, a holistic aromatherapy and custom skincare company.
Check out all of Andrea’s resources, online shop, book a 1-on-1 aromatherapy consultation with Andrea, and subscribe to her online magazine, Andrea Ashley, at 
Learn to create all-natural boutique skincare products in just 6-weeks online at
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