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How Methylation Can Save Your Skin and Health with Lauren Houser, CRNP

June 29, 2016
Today, it's my pleasure to share with you a wonderful guest post and podcast episode with integrative nurse practitioner, Lauren Houser, CRNP, about a subject you may not have heard of yet--and that's methylation. 
Click HERE to read Lauren's complete post and watch the video of our interview.
Methylation is an area of health where research of the process implications of proper--or inadequate--methylation is still in its infancy, but is rapidly advancing. Here's a bit of a confession for you--methylation is something I'd never heard of until a client that Lauren's practice and I both work with shared with me that methylated supplements were recommended to her after some recent test results. After learning more about it, and after speaking to Lauren about it, I became fascinated--and I hope you do too! 
About Lauren Houser
Lauren Houser, CRNP is a fellowship trained integrative nurse practitioner who delivers cutting edge medicine in an engaging format in both one-on-one appointments and through educational community gatherings. She brings hope as well as a practical, holistic approach to her work with patients. Her specialties are digestive concerns, thyroid issues, women’s health and fertility. She sees patients at Philadelphia Integrative Medicine in Wayne, PA. Find out more and connect with Lauren at
Would you like some 1-on-1 help to optimize your body's methylation?
I can teach you more about what specific skincare, diet, and lifestyle upgrades to help encourage healthy methylation, and give you practical strategies for how to actually implement them. If you'd like my support, schedule a session today:

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