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Self-Care for Mama CEOs with Megan Flatt

November 24, 2016

We’re familiar with the trope of ‘the working mom,’ the one works 9-5 at the office, comes home, throws a meal together, helps the kids with homework and after school activities, goes to sleep and then does it all again the next day. We're just as familiar with ‘the stay-at-home mom,’ who takes care of the food, the cleaning, the tune ups, homework, chauffeuring, and everything in between. These are very brief summaries of what both types of moms do--I know it's not possible to sum up a mom's duties in one sentence or paragraph :) Both are incredibly full lives and come with equal yet different levels of challenges and amounts of fulfillment.

But one woman is left out of this scene: the work-at-home mom. The Mama CEO. Read more here:

Megan Flatt, business strategist and consultant for Mama CEOs offers advice on how to make self-care a reality when you're a busy mom AND entrepreneur.

The Mama CEO Planner System

Megan was struggling to find a planner that worked for her, with her life of wearing all these different hats. She had mom tasks and business tasks and all the necessary things in between, but no planner really accommodated these different facets. So she created one for herself--she literally typed it up in Word and bound it at Staples.

She was working with her clients at how to be more successful at their businesses while being more present with their kids, and one day at a meeting with a client, she pulled out her planner and got the reaction of, ‘WHAT is that?”

Megan realized this was something that her clients could use, that they really needed. Thus, the Mama CEO Planner was born.

Her planner isn’t just a place to write down what you need to do, but it’s this whole system of why are you doing it, how is it going to get done, what’s the actual strategy behind what you’re planning?

My favorite part--and I think the key part--is that it doesn’t compartmentalize your motherhood from your CEO tasks. Because you’re always both. This planner helps make self-care for Mama CEOs a reality.

It’s not about being a robot, but it’s about being realistic and structuring your schedule. Freedom comes from structure--think about yourself like bamboo, whose ability to grow tall and resist strong winds comes from it’s flexibility.

Megan's planner and planning system has radically changed how I tackle being a mom and CEO, and I wanted to share it with you today in case it might do the same for you!

Get Megan's Mama CEO Planner System HERE:

About Megan Flatt:

Megan FlattMegan is a business growth strategist, but what she really does is empower Mama CEOs to create fulfilling lives and set a stellar example for their children. As a mom and a business owner, she herself wants to feel successful in BOTH roles: to be actively actively present for her kids, and build a business she's passionate about. Her mission is to help Mama CEOs achieve the same. Learn more about Megan at

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