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Why Being a ‘DivaGirl’ is a Good Thing: Interview with Majet Reyes

May 24, 2017

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I want to start by asking you to come up with one positive word to describe a powerful woman--one who knows what she wants and speaks up for herself. Do you have one that automatically comes to mind? Are you struggling to think of a positive word for this kind of female?

What about the word ‘Diva?’ What comes to your mind when you think of that word?

In my my interview with Majet Reyes, who went from paramedic to DivaGirl Philadelphia owner, we touch on the negative connotations of the word 'diva,' and other words typically used to define strong women, who stand up for what they believe, and don't back down. Majet also talks about DivaGirl® Philly--the first American franchise of DivaGirl she owns, and what's doing to foster intersectional women's empowerment, leadership, and feminism.

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