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What Does Your Favorite–and Least Favorite Color Say About You? Interview with Kylie Boyd

June 28, 2017

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As adults, color becomes less fanciful and more regimented. Think house colors, sock choices, work wear. We find ourselves picking whichever color we think is the ‘right choice’ in the situation, disregarding how the color makes us feel. The muted, bland colors seem to fit better in the image of adulthood we’ve created for ourselves. I personally think that many people default to neutrals because they’re either afraid of color (maybe they’ve been told that they ‘can’t’ wear a certain hue), or they haven’t found colors that they feel flatter them. Lucky, there is something called color analysis, which helps you understand which hues work best with the undertones of your skin or hair. But wearing the right colors for your skin tone isn’t the only way we can use color to help improve our lives.
Is there a better way we can use color?

For Kylie Boyd, author of the book, Living Life in Colour, who I interview in today’s video, answering this question has become her mission. And like many inspiring stories, it started during a low point in her life, which she talks a bit about in our interview.

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