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How the Sacred Feminine Can Save Your Life: Interview with Zinnia Gupte

February 9, 2017

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Have you ever hit rock bottom? Like REALLY hit rock bottom–as in you seriously don’t know how your life can go on, or if it will ever be the same since everything you thought was your reality is crumbling apart? Maybe it’s a health crisis, a love crisis, a job crisis, an accident, or another type of tragedy. Moments like these bring even the least spiritual or religious people to their knees in prayers to God, Jesus, Allah, or another male “father” deity. I’m not saying that’s wrong to do–but have you ever prayed to the Goddess or sacred feminine? 

Zinnia Gupte helps women discover their sacred feminine power through her mentorship and through her Goddess Power oracle cards, which I have to say, I am a little bit obsessed with.

Her Goddess Power Card deck is an excellent tool both for beginners, and longtime practitioners of the sacred feminine.
In my interview with Zinnia, we talk about her Goddess Power Cards, which help offer guidance in the mode of healing you most resonate with. Each card character presents a Goddess, professes a mode of power, like trust or strategy, and also offers numerology, flower essence, tarot, and even herbal advice. So essentially it allows you to listen to the wisdom of the goddesses and interpret it in the modality of your choosing.

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