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How to Use Art for Healing and Manifestation with Jenel Schaffer

July 30, 2017

I want to start by saying I believe everyone is an artist.

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I'm not saying everyone can paint like Monet, dance like Misty Copeland, or sing like Celine Dion but I strongly believe that you don't have to be someone who creates art or expresses creativity for a living to be an artist. The suffix "ist" really just means "someone who does this thing that the -ist is attached to."

In today's episode of the Rachael Pontillo Show, herbalist, mama of 5, and artist, Jenel Schaffer offers the same perspective--you don't have to teach art or do art for a living to be an artist--you just have to do art. She also debunks the myth that artistic talent is innate; as an art teacher herself, Jenel believes that art is a learned skill.

I'm down with all that, but that's not why I invited Jenel to be on the show. I invited her, because of her amazing experience of how she used art for healing and coping through hard times in life--and get this--she also used it to manifest a smooth pregnancy, peaceful homebirth, and recovery of her fifth child. In fact, at the time of our interview, Jenel had only given birth two weeks prior!

If Jenel was able to use art to get through pregnancy, childbirth, post-partum recovery and cultivate her own self-love, just imagine how powerful this can be in other areas of life?

In Jenel's own words:

"I am giving credibility to my gifts, and the joy I feel using them is reflected on the outside. There was a time where I wore a lot of makeup to hide myself. Then there was a time where I wore none, in protest. Today, I believe in a balance. I believe in lovingly taking care of your body and your appearance- and that includes the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our nature."

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