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Can More Intimacy Give You Glowing Skin? Interview with Dr. Lindsey Berkson

May 24, 2017

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It’s likely that you’ve read an article that talks about why having sex can make you more beautiful. I’m not the only one, right? The typical list items read something like this: lowering stress reduces premature aging, sex is exercise, and that rosy flush…

These aren’t wrong, per se, but I’ve been curious to see some really compelling research about how being intimate beautifies us.

It’s so interesting to see the evolution of wellness research. For the past several year there’s been a huge focus on gut health and how it connects to emotions and immunity, and now it seems as though sexual wellness is getting its time to shine. I spoke to Dr. Lindsey Berkson, author of the new book, Sexy Brain, who specializes in hormones and recently wrote a book that explains why having orgasms is good for us.

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